Doodles Pivots Away from NFTs, Becomes Leading Media Franchise

• Doodles, an NFT project, is pivoting away from being an NFT project to become a leading media franchise.
• Cofounder Jordan Castro announced the move in a March 18 post on the project’s Discord and said it will focus on its most loyal collectors instead of financial speculators.
• The move was met with both criticism and support from the community, with some questioning the recent lack of communication and sock drop for its NFTs.

Doodles Pivots Away From Being an NFT Project

The nonfungible token (NFT) project doodles is looking to go beyond being an NFT project, with plans to become a “leading media franchise.” One of the co-founders of doodles, Jordan Castro — who goes by the pseudonym “poopie” online — announced this move in a March 18 post on the project’s Discord. He said that doodles wants to move away from financial speculators and focus more on its “most loyal collectors.”

Playboy Bares All On Its Earnings From NFT Sales

In other news, adult entertainment company Playboy revealed that it has earned $4 million from selling nonfungible tokens (NFTs). Having launched their first wave of digital collectibles two months ago, Playboy now boasts over 2 million unique users who have bought their artworks. The platform has been seeing daily transaction volumes increase substantially as well.

Criticism& Support Of Doodles’ Move

The announcement by doodles was met with both criticism and support from members of the crypto community. Many took issue with what seemed like a shift in focus for them and pointed out perceived problems such as their recent lack of communication or their March 16 sock drop (which involves offering socks instead of NFTs). Others were supportive of this move however, pointing out that getting rid of the term “NFT project” would be beneficial for projects like these who are actually businesses rather than just focused on trading tokens.

Jordan Castro Responds

Castro later tweeted a response to these criticisms and reaffirmed doodle’s commitment to evolving beyond speculative cycles while still using blockchain technology as “the connective tissue between everything they do”.


It remains unclear what exactly doodle’s new direction will entail but it seems clear that despite pivoting away from being an “NFT Project” they are still committed to utilizing blockchain technology in order to deliver value within their space.