Pros in Dota 2, Rocket League Look to Explore Web3 and Blockchain Gaming

• Professional Dota 2 and Rocket League players are open to trying out Web3 and blockchain gaming.
• Erik “Tofu” Engel believes that Web3 has beneficial features for gamers.
• Max Ng likes the idea of using new technologies and features in games.

Players Open to Blockchain Gaming

Professional Dota 2 player Erik “Tofu” Engel believes that Web3 has very beneficial features for gamers. Meanwhile, Rocket League professional gamer Max Ng, known by his gamer tag “Maxeew,” also expressed his support for incorporating blockchain technology into gaming. Joseph Turner, the co-founder of Gaimin Gladiators — the organization to which both Engel and Ng belong — said that the initial advent of Web3 games built within the decentralized finance space “spooked many major publishers.”

Engel on Web3 Benefits

Engel explained: “The idea of blockchain gaming is still a new and expanding topic for most of us, and it’s something I want to explore more in the future. If it’ll improve gaming and make it even more rewarding, then that’s definitely something to look out for in times ahead.” He added that he believes Web3 has features that “genuinely feel beneficial to the player” and expressed excitement over what companies come up with in the future.

Ng’s Interest in New Technologies

Ng said he really liked the idea of games being developed differently using new technologies such as blockchain technology: “The idea behind adding new technology and features is something that pretty much any game can benefit from, especially when it is something that can reward the users’ time and expenditure on the game itself.” He mentioned that while he has looked into blockchain-based games before, he hasn’t tried them personally yet but plans to do so after their busy competitive season ends.

Valve Corporation’s Removal of Blockchain Games

Turner noted how Valve Corporation — developers of popular video game titles like Dota 2 — removed blockchain-based games from its gaming marketplace this year due to their introduction into decentralized finance spaces: “It spooked many major publishers.”


It seems professional esports players are excited by potential benefits offered by incorporating blockchain tech into gaming experiences, although some developers may be wary about transitioning away from traditional methods used in creating these experiences due to fear surrounding unknown implications associated with moving onto a decentralized platform like Web3.