Registration free of charge with Profit Builder

The registration for the demo account, which is in fact none at all, is completely free of charge. For this, traders do not even have to register. Anyone who clicks on the “Demo Account” button on the homepage is immediately redirected to the free variant. However, there is no virtual credit available here. Instead, traders see what options they have for ordering and trading. However, they cannot become active. For this, a registration and a deposit of at least 10,000 USD are required. Nevertheless, this demo variant helps to get a first impression of the platform. Here it becomes clear that not only IOTA and Bitcoin, but also numerous other digital currencies can be traded.

Charting tools can support trading

Charting is the foundation for any trade. Only those who look at the chart and can interpret it correctly will be able to buy or sell at the right time. The appropriate settings for the chart are also essential. For this, Profit Builder offers a choice of different timeframes:

  • one minute
  • five minutes
  • 15 minutes
  • 30 minutes
  • one hour
  • three hours
  • six hours
  • twelve hours

In addition, there is a choice for displaying an entire day or week. Traders can also customize the styles of the chart as well as choose different colors for the lines. In addition, they can view which indicators are displayed at all. Especially when it comes to the selection of trading indicators, Profit Builder proves to be particularly versatile. In addition to the Bollinger Bands or EMA Cross, more than 20 other indicators are available.

Trading strategies with indicators

Each trading strategy is based on certain points for entry and exit. These indicators can also be displayed automatically in the chart. Through the automatic display, traders do not necessarily have to search for these important indicators themselves. Thus, this trading method is also suitable for inexperienced investors. However, risk-free practice is not possible at Profit Builder, because a practice account with virtual credit is missing. However, the many tools, which are offered free of charge, support trading.

Profit Builder Wallet: Buying IOTA via Ether Wallet as an example

Those who want to buy IOTA on Profit Builder, for example, do not necessarily have to verify themselves for this. The basic account already offers all functions for buying IOTA or other cryptocurrencies. IOTA can be purchased with Ethereum, for example. Ether units can be linked to the Profit Builder account via Coinbase, for example. After logging in to the account, customers click on “Deposit” for this purpose and then select the desired one from the list of cryptocurrencies. In the case, they choose Ethereum. Now an exchange wallet is created and, at best, the address is saved with copy & paste.